Elks lodge
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saturday may 18


saturday may 18


We will eventually be cash free, just for the ease of it all, but right now, we will take cash, card, apple pay and gpay!



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dogz come with chips and a drink

100% all beef dogz

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lu dog

1/4 lb dog w/ jalapeno ​cream cheese, grilled ​onion and bacon on a ​hoagie roll

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1/4 lb dog w/ shredded ​lettuce, takis and cilantro ​crema on a hoagie roll

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drinks $1

1/4 lb dog mango habanero ​salsa,cilantro cream on a hoagie roll

1/4 lb same in the end

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reggie, bruh.

on a hoagie roll

we were like, "lets open a food truck."then we were like...."bet."

Cartoon Anthropomorphic Hotdog

then vic was like, "i have a drill."

no, but for real-- this didnt happen without vic.

our dogz are 1/4 lb of real beef. theyre gluten free too.

our chips are made with love and tears all hand cut and hand fried and seasoned with dusty river spices Sometimes, we do packaged chips to keep your cost down, ‘cause we are cool like that. our spreads and toppings are all hand cut and handmade too, except like ketchup and stuff, obvi.

come give it a try. youll like it.

and youll learn a new song, bet.

Retro Hotdog Sandwich

website promo only!!!!!!!

take and share a snap/tiktok of you at LuDogz.....tag us....

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